Bastiaan van der Put wrote:


I have been using vpopmail with user quota's for some time now.

I want to move to domainlimits, is it possible to set the user quota to -1
and domainquota to say 500 MB on a domain.

If the 500 MB is reached for the domain will the emails be bounced or does vpopmail
accept it because the user limit has -1?

Domainquotas don't work.
See the README or changelog.

You could use OS-quotas, which should result in the message being deferred for some time in your queue and then bounced (I presume - someone correct me if I'm wrong) I haven't done this, but I had the impression that you would need to create a new group for each domain and then use group-quotas, because the directory still have to be owned by the vpopmail-user.


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