On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 09:47 -0500, Matt Brookings wrote:
> vadduser.c is simply a call to the vpopmail API.  You would be better
> to glance at the other source files to determine what's going on.
> | looks like it doesnt even check to see if there is limits associated
> | with the domain and just blindly creates the account. Its not really a
> Of course.  If root wishes to add a user, you think vpopmail's API
> should refuse?  

Im not saying that it should deny root from creating an account, but I
would think that it would at least report that the account would take
the account over the configured quota? Otherwise what is the point of
having such a system available? I would have expected an overide switch
rather than just blind creation of an account, but thats just *my* way
of thinking.

> The vpopmail API is not structured in this way.
> vpopmail has functions that perform a job, such as add a user, and
> it has informational functions like reporting quota usage.  There are
> few, if any, functions that will refuse to perform an action due to
> some sort of restraint.   It's the program's job to check the
> circumstances of the request, not the API.  In thise case, the vadduser
> binary should always be being called by the root user (or the vpopmail
> user).

Which comes back to what i said, vadduser doesnt check. I would have
expected it to.

> vhostadmin is in development, and limits checking will probably make
> it's way into the domain administration later on.

I understand its under development and im modifying it for my own needs.
It doesnt appear that any work had been done on it for quite sometime,
or there has just been no changes commited to the cvs listed on the

 Ive had to make a few changes to it due to the use of a couple of php5
only functions that have been used. As I said, the limits issue is not a
big deal to get around as Ill modify it to call the info needed from the
limits table and work from that, it just struck me as strange to have
funtionality available in vpopmail which is really not being used by
vpopmail at all.

All in all it was just curiosity more than anything.

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