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I am currently using Rsync to mirror /home/vpopmail/domains/ virtualdomain, however, while this works without errors during the night, during the day we get errors in the Cronlog because the users are collecting mail via POP. I am not too bothered about this, but wonder what other people are doing for
simple backups like these??  I run the Rsync each hour.

i'm doing essentially the same thing, rsync within ssh, to keep a mirror of my server here at the house. i also get these errors when people delete things from their mailboxes while the rsync is happening.

what i do is manually eyeball the list of errors and make sure that the only errors showing up involve messages which may be deleted while the rsync is happening. it depends on how many users you have, but it usually takes about 20 seconds to let my eye wander down the list.

my own rsync job is backing up much more than just mailboxes- i also have to mentally skip over multilog "@40000..." files as well, because sometimes my log rotation script runs while the rsync is happening.

i'm thinking about having the rsync cron job pipe rsync's output through a "grep -v" to "remove" these common errors from the email i receive, but i haven't actually done it yet- i guess it hasn't become irritating enough for me to really care yet.

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