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Yesterday I want to get a list of all emails accounts on my mail server, so
i run vpopbull. I got this message

~vpopmail/bin/vpopbull -n -V  >> ~mbeltran/cuentas.txt
skipping promotionalrepaldo/home.123.hn (alias of promotionalhome. 123.hn)
skipping simon.intertel.hn (alias of hn2.com)

When i look the file cuentas.txt, in fact, vpopbull skip to list accounts in
a alias domain.

the question is: how can get the missing alias mails?

short answer: you can't.

it's written so that your users will see one copy of the message when they log into their mailbox. it adds each PHYSICAL mailbox addresses once- if you were to force it to include these "alias domains", users in the alias domains would possibly receive multiple copies.

I really need all accounts beause i need then for use in a recipients
features for spamcontrol pathc

vpopbull is the wrong tool for the job. this is the equivalent of using a chisel to loosen a screw- it can eventually be forced to work, but it's a lot of unnecessary effort. vpopbull is designed to fake message deliveries into vpopmail mailboxes, not to build a list of valid email addresses.

you may want to look at my "mkvalidrcptto" script- it scans the system and vpopmail directories and generates a list of valid email addresses, with "@domain" for domains which accept all email addresses. it was designed to build a file for use with my "validrcptto.cdb" patch, although its output is just a plain-text list of email addresses (and "@domain" lines) and can be used for any number of other things, whether you're using my patches or not.


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