Yesterday I want to get a list of all emails accounts on my mail server, so
i run vpopbull. I got this message

~vpopmail/bin/vpopbull -n -V  >> ~mbeltran/cuentas.txt
skipping promotionalrepaldo/home.123.hn (alias of promotionalhome.123.hn)
skipping simon.intertel.hn (alias of hn2.com)
skipping t.hn2.com (alias of david.intertel.hn)
skipping ps.com.sv (alias of powersystems.com.sv)
skipping data-sistemas.com (alias of magicsoftware.hn

When i look the file cuentas.txt, in fact, vpopbull skip to list accounts in
a alias domain.

the question is: how can get the missing alias mails?

I really need all accounts beause i need then for use in a recipients
features for spamcontrol pathc

thanks in advance


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