thank you very much .... work fine :)

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Asunto: Re: [vchkpw] a vpopbull question

On 2005-10-07, at 1830, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> you may want to look at my "mkvalidrcptto" script-
> I'm interested on your script mkvalidrcptto but it has not a help.  
> what is
> the syntax?

there's no real syntax- you just run it. it scans the directories it  
needs and sends the output to its "standard out" channel. you can  
direct the output into a file or pipe it into another program using  
the standard shell mechanisms (i.e. the ">" and "|" operators.)

> I don't know if I wrong but I understand that if I have this:
> main domain:
> alias of
> So, if i have this email ie:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (of course it has an alias  
> When I run ./ [syntax ....] I'll got the following  
> list?:

sounds right to me... just run the script and see what it gives you.  
it doesn't change anything on the system, the only thing it does is  
prints out the list. try something like "./ | less"  
to see how it works.

even better, try "less" and inspect the script  
itself. even if you're not a programmer, the comments in the code  
should be fairly clear.

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