I noticed that one local user which I created when I installed qmail and
before installing vpopmail, was getting lots of messages from qmail under

It took the system more than one hour to delete the /home/user/Maildir/new
directory and /home/user/Maildir/tmp and left /home/user/Maildir/cur.
Now the server is working fine, but qmail did not recreate the "new" and
"tmp" directories again.

Vpopmail and the domain accounts that I am using are installed under

Any ideas why and what qmail was doing?

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did u check your kernel? there are some hackers that may exploit your server check your /tmp directory if you are also running apache and see if you see some hidden directories, etc..

just my 2 cents.

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 Subject: [vchkpw] qmail+vpopmail on redhat 7.3 server gets very busy

 We have vpopmail version 5.2.1 with qmail 1.03 + mysql 3.23 on Redhat 7.3.
 It was running fine for the past 3 years until now.
Lately the server at random gets slow and very busy and could not be accessed until restarted with a hard reset.

 The only thing I can think of is rebuilding the system.
 Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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