I noticed that one local user which I created when I installed qmail and
before installing vpopmail, was getting lots of messages from qmail under

what do your logs say about this? (Hint: if you had some of those messages you
recently deleted around, they would certainly help ;)

The directory was /home/user/Maildir/new was full of thousands of messages in this format:
12345678999.16207.qmail ,S=14766
When I tried to go in the directory to read one of the messages, the computer would hang.
That is why I decided to delete the directory.
Now my qmail log shows:
"@40000000436ab0a416ec08cc new msg 116203

@40000000436ab0a416ee27c4 info msg 116203: bytes 2061 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 20944 uid 507

@40000000436ab0a41733b08c starting delivery 194354: msg 116203 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]

@40000000436ab0a41734fc94 status: local 1/10 remote 14/20

@40000000436ab0a417e397cc new msg 116176

@40000000436ab0a417e5a724 info msg 116176: bytes 2174 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 20947 uid 501

@40000000436ab0a41821c9ac starting delivery 194355: msg 116176 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]

@40000000436ab0a418232554 status: local 2/10 remote 14/20

@40000000436ab0a41824e68c delivery 194354: success: did_0+1+0/qp_20947/

@40000000436ab0a418278a54 status: local 1/10 remote 14/20

@40000000436ab0a4182a7854 end msg 116203"

I do not know what the messages are about and where they are going .
/var/spool/mail  has nothing in it.
Under vpopmail I have [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The qmail.domain.com is the local machine

It took the system more than one hour to delete the /home/user/Maildir/new
directory and /home/user/Maildir/tmp and left /home/user/Maildir/cur.
Now the server is working fine, but qmail did not recreate the "new" and
"tmp" directories again.

it's not supposed to.

Ok, but why qmail was writing to that directory?
Thank you All for your help.

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