It is a good idea to use heap tables for vpopmail query-s ? MyISAM tables for UPDATES, and HEAP for selects (they will be created from MyISAM)? I wanna to minimalize the disk subsystem impact. System is always waiting for disks(big load, can even reach 20-25). What is the ideal maximum concurrent conncetion limit with mysql ?
I want to put the temp directories (spamassasin, clamd, other scanners) to ramdisk. What to use:
1. ramdisk, fixed size (set with kernel parameter), with ext2, looks like a "real" disk, with real filesystem
2. tmpfs, with maximized ramsize, eating always as many ram what is needed. cons ? What is the price for this "freedom" ?
(can I use tmpfs on a debian server for the main /tmp ?) I can spend 512 or even 1024 Mb ram for ramdrives, or tmpfs.
I need every idea, or solution, how can I reduce the disk usage on the system. I want to keep only what is necessery. I will turn of mail logging via syslog (deamontools is doing a great job logging mails, why waste the needed disk i/o power for syslog), other things ?
What if I put qmails queue to ramdisk (or tmpfs ramdisk) ? (memory cards ? are good enough ?)

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