> > What if I put qmails queue to ramdisk (or tmpfs ramdisk) ? (memory
> ?
> > are good enough ?)
> I would try putting /var/qmail/queue on the ramdisk since you have the
> RAM already.
> I would also comment out the fsync() calls in the qmail source code.
If you're going to do this, and care about the email not being lost in
queue in the event of a crash, you need battery backed nvram. Otherwise
you're playing Russian roulette with an automatic.

I run ~100K messages a day through my servers with mysql using myisam
tables, syslog logging, plus doing virus and antispam on the smtp hosts
without any real issues using mirrored scsi disks.

One idea I've been looking at to boost reliability and performance is
using an iSCSI target on my filers for the /var/qmail data, since then I
could connect a new server in the event of a failure, plus I get
snapshots and the increased performance and reliability of the filers.
However they use battery backed nvram and large raid sets to achieve
their reliability.

Hope that helps,

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