On Nov 4, 2005, at 7:10 AM, Ken Jones wrote:
I would try putting /var/qmail/queue on the ramdisk since you have the RAM already.

Does the OS back up the ramdisk to a physical disk on shutdown? If not, and you have to reboot your server (or if it goes down for maintenance), you'll lose any queued mail that hasn't been delivered yet, and the original senders won't know about it.

I would also comment out the fsync() calls in the qmail source code.

If it's on a ramdisk, the fsync() shouldn't have any performance impact, right?

If you're running simscan and/or clamav, I'd think that keeping their temp directories on the RAM disk would give you the most performance benefit. If you crash and lose the contents, it's no big deal, and everything that comes through the server ends up going through that process.

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