> mmm but is not harder to mantain a server whit 2 smtp server runing
> together? i think i would prefer the other method anyway. And by the
> way, it could be a nice feature to add to chkuser? somthing like

I think this is besides chkuser.

Consider with two different qmail-servers you have more possibilities to
simplify your management and give completely different behaviours to your

No SPAM control, no RBL, better error messages, no additional checks on
relaying server, full controls on MX server.


> On 2/6/06, tonix (Antonio Nati) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> At 20.57 06/02/2006, you wrote:
>> >Ibiltari wrote:
>> >>Thanks for your answer Tonino, i take that solution in account but i
>> would prefer another solution if possible, that smtp server is being
>> already used by lots of clients so running another server for them
>> would imply that they have to change their mail server (its a little
>> change, i know, but they are lots and the average user would need
>> assistance for doing that simple change) so i would try to another
>> solution first if someone has another idea.. or i get illuminated in
>> between hehe
>> >
>> >Change the MX record to a new ip and add an alias IP on the server.
>> Current users still use mail.example.com but all outside mail comes
>> in on mx.example.com.
>> Much better than changing chkuser code :-) !!!!!!!
>> Tonino
>> >Regards,
>> >
>> >Rick

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