Potential answer to the parent question below.  Now, re vpopmailctl:

vpopmailctl is a script provided by some distros, that ultimately is more like a qmailctl but not for each component.  All it does is run svc for these pop3 and pop3ds.  It really sholdn't be named vpopmailctl, but so be it.

   stop -- stops mail service (pop3 connections refused)
  start -- starts mail service (pop3 connection accepted)
  pause -- temporarily stops pop3 service
   cont -- continues paused pop3 service
   stat -- displays status of pop3 service
restart -- stops and restarts pop3d

Databytes is not used by qmail-send or anything other than qmail-smtpd.  It should take effect on all future SMTP connections.

If it doesn't, then you probably have DATABYTES=#### set in your tcp.smtp file, or maybe in the run script of qmail-smtpd.  According to the man pages "If the environment variable DATABYTES is set, it overrides databytes."

Also check the softlimit memory limit, though that doesn't seem to be your issue, but any change in databytes should then make sure the memory limit is high enough.


Jeremy Kitchen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wednesday 08 March 2006 03:13, Michele Virgilio wrote:
> > Did you reload qmail after changing the databytes value?
> Yes, i did a #qmailctl restart and a #vpopmailctl restart without success,
> then a full reboot, but the error is still there :(

forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand where people are getting this
'vpopmailctl restart' idea at.

vpopmail is a set of 'one shot' programs, there are no long running processes.
What does this magical 'vpopmailctl' script even do?


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