On Wednesday 08 March 2006 11:14, Michael Krieger wrote:
> Potential answer to the parent question below.  Now, re vpopmailctl:
>   vpopmailctl is a script provided by some distros, that ultimately is 
> more like a qmailctl but not for each component.  All it does is  run svc
> for these pop3 and pop3ds.  It really sholdn't be named  vpopmailctl, but
> so be it.
>      stop -- stops mail service (pop3 connections refused)
>     start -- starts mail service (pop3 connection accepted)
>     pause -- temporarily stops pop3 service
>      cont -- continues paused pop3 service
>      stat -- displays status of pop3 service
>   restart -- stops and restarts pop3d


Thanks for the clarification :)


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