On 3/18/06, Ruben Cardenal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > In the past I have done a LWQ install as well as a QmailRocks install.
> >  However I don't think this is a 'qmail' problem.  I think this is a
> > vpopmail issue.
>  As Jeremy told you, you should never install Qmail/Vpopmail/etc from
> packages but install *all* compiling from the source code. I've done it tons
> of times in this way and I've never had _any_ kind of problems. And, of
> course, the Qmail installation part relies on LWQ.
>  Advice: don't use Qmailrocks as a reference in Qmail/Vpopmail lists :)
> Ruben

What is the difference between installing from source or package? I am
not having a problem with Qmail.  As I have said I have don't LWQ,
QmailRocks, and Gentoo's ebuild / guide and I am having the same
problem no matter what method I install qmail.  The problem I believe
is with either vpopmail (the reason I'm posting to the vpopmail list)
or with courier-imap (or some variation between the two

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