On Mar 27, 2006, at 12:51 PM, Kurt Bigler wrote:
Yes, I created those alias domains long ago.

I don't think there was any utility to run to do a conversion of domain
aliases? I'm pretty sure I read the readme pretty carefully whenever I did
an upgrade.  Did I miss something?

So what *should* I do now with all my old-style domain aliases? Do I have
to mess with the qmail config files by hand?

The easiest/safest would be to do the following

Edit the users/assign file as follows.  Change lines like this:

+middendorfbreath.org-:middendorfbreath.org:89:89:/var/vpopmail/ domains/middendorfbreath.com:-::


+middendorfbreath.org-:middendorfbreath.com:89:89:/var/vpopmail/ domains/middendorfbreath.com:-::

i.e., get the second entry to match the directory name (the "real" domain for the alias). This assumes that domains/middendorfbreath.com is the "real" directory that the various symlinks point to.

Run /var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu to recreate the users/cdb file from users/assign.

Check the vpasswd files for the alias domains and see what they're using for the Maildir paths. If they're using the "real" directory, you can safely remove the symlinks in ~vpopmail/domains.

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