Hello List,


I have a simple situation, I'm just unsure as to how to correct it J


I have an environment that uses primarily IMAP in a Qmail/Vpopmail platform.


Today I needed to assign a pop3 account and its seemed well until trying to log into the pop3 account. Mail can be sent by the user using the pop3 account, but not receiving .. The error in Outlook is the generic as always:


#Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): Outlook could not logon to the incoming mail server(POP3). Please verify the settings for User Name, Password and E-mail fields.


#Mail logs show: Jun  8 12:34:35 [vpopmail] vchkpw-pop3: (PLAIN) login success [EMAIL PROTECTED]:


So all seems well, but it isn’t. The mailbox does exist and the tcpserver is running on 110. Port is open and I'm a little lost . L


Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance J





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