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If users have only access to qmailadmin (maybe not really vpopmail related, but ok), are they able to use qmail-ext addresses? Or do they really have to know how qmail deals with the 'ext' addresses?

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Tom Collins wrote:
On Jul 27, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Harm van Tilborg wrote:
1) I'm still running vpopmail 5.2.1 on some servers and it's finally time to upgrade (yes, finally :[). In the UPGRADE instructions it says it shouldn't be a problem (I'm using the cdb auth-module). Is that really true?

I think so, but I haven't done an upgrade from 5.2.1 in a long time.

2) And I would like to turn off qmail-ext support in the upgrade. Could that give any problems?

If you have users relying on it to get their email, then it will be a problem. Some of my users make use of it to generate unique email addresses (like tom-amazon for all email from amazon.com) that they can later turn into blackhole or bounce addresses.

3) Domain and user quotas are kind of broken, aren't they? The only way to make them work is with the Maildir++-patch, is that true?

Domain quotas are definitely broken, and have been disabled in the current release.

4) Will this upgrade change anything to the already set (but not working) quotas?

I don't know -- I don't personally use quotas.

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