I'm not that hero in C. But let's try. So, if we want to log all addresses using the qmail-ext feature, it is done in (vpopmail 5.2.1) the main function, line 137 (if ((vpw=vauth_getpw(TheUserExt, TheDomain)) != NULL ) {), right?

The VALIAS is not used (it is not defined in config.h), so that should be the only place where the address is checked, is that also right?

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Tom Collins wrote:
On Jul 27, 2006, at 10:51 AM, Harm van Tilborg wrote:
If users have only access to qmailadmin (maybe not really vpopmail related, but ok), are they able to use qmail-ext addresses? Or do they really have to know how qmail deals with the 'ext' addresses?

With qmail-ext enabled, users can put -anything after their email address and still get the message. They'd have to know about that feature, and chances are they aren't making use of it.

If you're unsure, you could modify vdelivermail to log any qmail-ext addresses that it matches. If nothing comes through in a few weeks, you can probably safely disable that feature.

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