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I'd be hesitant to rsync /usr/lib if it's ba enough to cause crashing errors like that. I'd be more interested in seeing you configure/recompile vpopmail with the existing headers/libraries in order to fix your problem rather than change your system and everything that depends on it.

except that all the binaries - vpopmail, qmail, everything - came from the other server as well. again - these are, in all other respects - absolutely identical servers. exact same CPU modules. exact same amount of ram. identical motherboard. identical PROM versions. identical attached hardware. both Solaris 9. the only difference between the two servers being OS patch levels. and that's where the problem clearly lay.

i'll be doing considerable additional testing of the server before the actual migration/cutover, next weekend. if there are any problems, i'll find out about them. that i've thought about it for more than six seconds - yeah. it does make seriously good sense to recompile everything. at minimum it reduces the likelyhood of problems later if i upgrade.

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