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what if there happens to be a mailbox with the name "mailfilter"? (yes, it's a rather contrived example, but you see some really weird stuff when you run an ISP... as an example, we had one user who ran one of the local post offices and wanted "postmaster" as his userid, the tech support guy who took the signup told him he could have it, and i was the one who got to call him back and explain why he couldn't have it... i ended up telling him it was already used, and that was that. of course for the next three weeks i got a series of "who are you?" emails to the postmaster mailbox from this guy...)

instead of using "mailfilter", you should probably use ".mailfilter" as the filename. names starting with a letter or number should really be reserved for mailbox names.

Yes your remark is good, just have to sed mailfilter by .mailfilter ... in the patch file.

also, what if a user (i.e. the owner of one specific mailbox) wants to create their own .mailfilter file, either directly or using some kind of web interface which gives them a set of options and writes a .mailfilter file based on their choices? i would search for "/home/vpopmail/domains/.mailfilter-userid" before the file names you're already checking for.

This case is not implemented in the patch, and therefore because it is not simple to handle ".qmail-*" style for maildrop. But it should be very easy to do this in maildrop "style" in the main or referal .mailfilter file.

For the web interface, i agree ... it would be very nice. But there is lot of job to do before :)))


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