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When a scripter manages to stuff your queues with over 500k messages of rubbish, the last thing you want to do is to let any of it out let alone wait for it to disappear. The queues need to be cleared right away before you get even more bogged down.

i'm thinking of writing a patch for qmail-send, where if the timestamp on a "mess" file is older than DOUBLE the value of control/ queuelifetime, it would delete the message BEFORE attempting one last delivery... i think this would be a huge help in cleaning up cases like this without having to shut down qmail-send.

i know, more patches...

i didn't realize that postfix didn't have support for virtual domains. this would be a show-stopper for me installing it on my own server, or on a client's server.

postfix has its own virtual mail backend...but you had to build the tables and management scripts/tools yourself. Its virtual mail backend provides the structure but you had to fill it in.

ah... so it's basically like what qmail is without vpopmail. it all makes sense now...

why not just write something similar to vpopmail, but which works using whatever low-level mechanism postfix provides to handle virtual mailboxes? or if there is no such support, add it in?

:D. I am sure someone must have built something like that...it is only probably not as well known as vpopmail.

it may not be as well known as vpopmail, but google knows about it and that's all that really counts. i did a search for "postfix virtual domain management interface" and came up with this site, which sounds like vpopmail and qmailadmin rolled into one:


and i think this thread has pretty much played itself out in terms of being relevant to vpopmail, so i'm going to end here (although if anybody else is interested in seeing how this turns out, speak up and let us know you care.) either way, i am interested in whether you try this or not, and if so, what kind of results you have with it. if the thread dies, please let me know via direct email.

take care.

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