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John Simpson wrote:
On 2006-12-18, at 0444, Christopher Chan wrote:
Darrel O'Pry wrote:
I'm currently considering replacing qmail in my mail systems.
I was wondering if anyone had tried vpopmail with postfix or exim and
what their experiences were.

Yeah, I use vpopmail with postfix. Love it. postfix user existence checks mean I don't have large queues.

How? I have looked for this several times in the past few years and not seen it. Other than the postfix.txt on the inter7 website, but nothing substantial about how it is done, caveats, etc.

funny, i've been doing the same thing using qmail (making sure recipient email addresses exist before accepting a RCPT command in the SMTP conversation) for over a year now.

Yes. with a patch. I know patches exist. I have nothing against qmail. I will recommend qmail where it is most the mta for outgoing mails for a mailing list or as the second stage in the inbound system due to dot-qmail which is a delivery system that is second to none.

Uh oh, I feel it coming....

Patch smatch, if it's a patch everyone gets to beat qmail up and scream at each other about what a wasted never updated POS qmail is. So patches are bad bad bad. Only software that is poor and decrepit uses patches. But, let someone add that patch to the source code and bundle up a new package and suddenly every new user who posts a question is told "You need the latest version". I have seen this many many times on many many maillists.

We have not had to make a security update to our qmail installs in the 5 years we have been running them. All it took was running "patch < somediff" a few times ONCE during the initial install.

Lets be honest here, most minor version upgrades in OSS are the result of contributed patches (developer or user). Yet no one is claiming that vpopmail/postfix/perl/ruby/python is a patchy POS after we see the developers accepting patches from users and rolling out an upgrade.

I propose that someone create a shell script that installs qmail and a set of user selected "Modules" chosen from a menu. Vpopmail could be a "Module", chkuser could be a "Module", bigip could be a "Module".

You could even rerun the script to add/subtract "Modules", much like Apache Toolbox. Maybe then people would get over their aversion to "patches" in qmail.

Thank you, I feel better, you may return to your regularly scheduled list mail.


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