Miki wrote:
Hello all,

I have this setup : mail coming to relay server located in DMZ, and
this server is relaying x domains to internal LAN mail server.
Im receiving lot of unwanted mails for nonexistent addresses.

Ho I can handle it ? Chkuser is working fine when are domains on
server, but how I can "check" user existency on remote server ?
FYI: rsync of passwd.cdb is ok, but how check against aliases ?

Please, I need some pointing where to look at. i fit is possible done
by chkuser or another way  (qmail-ldap)

Follow up:

You could mount the /home/vpopmail/domains/domain.com dir via NFS or rsync it hourly to keep it in sync if needed (rather than have to add all new users and aliases on both machines.)



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