I'm thinking to extend chkuser, and add an smtp fake delivery for checking recipients existance on end systems (i.e. when domains are external and use me as proxy SMTP).

But I'm really tired to fight with qmail. Bernstein programming is accademic and heavy to use, license is criminal. Programming with patches over patches is painful. There is no fun to put new features on this old and overextimated product. You have to run several chained programs just to make an SMTP acceptance...

I feel is time to migrate to another product, or is there anyone available to start a new project, that should rewrite a little by little qmail, and free all of us from this criminal license?

Project should start with a "programmed way" to add new features and patch, then making a decent "configure", then starting to write new libraries and then substituting the old code, until we have a free mail system. Of course vpopmail would be a library integrated in this new product.

I have thrown the first stone.


At 00.25 11/01/2007, you wrote:
Hello all,

I have this setup : mail coming to relay server located in DMZ, and
this server is relaying x domains to internal LAN mail server.
Im receiving lot of unwanted mails for nonexistent addresses.

Ho I can handle it ? Chkuser is working fine when are domains on
server, but how I can "check" user existency on remote server ?
FYI: rsync of passwd.cdb is ok, but how check against aliases ?

Please, I need some pointing where to look at. i fit is possible done
by chkuser or another way  (qmail-ldap)

Thank you

Peter M.

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