Alle 12:31, giovedì 11 gennaio 2007, tonix (Antonio Nati) ha scritto:
> I'm thinking to extend chkuser, and add an smtp fake delivery for
> checking recipients existance on end systems (i.e. when domains are
> external and use me as proxy SMTP).
> But I'm really tired to fight with qmail. Bernstein programming is
> accademic and heavy to use, license is criminal. Programming with
> patches over patches is painful. There is no fun to put new features
> on this old and overextimated product. You have to run several
> chained programs just to make an SMTP acceptance...
> I feel is time to migrate to another product, or is there anyone
> available to start a new project, that should rewrite a little by
> little qmail, and free all of us from this criminal license?
> Project should start with a "programmed way" to add new features and
> patch, then making a decent "configure", then starting to write new
> libraries and then substituting the old code, until we have a free
> mail system. Of course vpopmail would be a library integrated in this
> new product.

Hello tonix, hello all

also i thinks it's time to create a new MTA compatibles with qmail (but more 
important is vpopmail). The only motivation for use qmail today is vpopmail 
and related tool (qmailadmin, vqadmin,...).

Patch over patch isn't a good way to procede.


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