Charlie Garrison wrote:
Should it be possible to build vqAdmin on OS X? I can't get past the ./configure step; I get errors like the following:


I also googled for any howto's on building vqAdmin on OS X and couldn't find anything useful. If OS X is simply not a supported platform (yet) but you would like to add support, I'm happy to help but I will need assistance to know to get it working.

<wild guess>

Maybe you should try...

make distclean




then try to configure again.

At worst you will want to wipe the working directory and untar the files again if it doesn't work. Re-creating the configure script with the autoconf tools on your machine might make a difference. I don't have access to OS-X, and don't run vqadmin but no one else has posted any suggestions yet, so I thought I would try.

Good luck!


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