Max Esquivel wrote:
> I recently installed the magicmail-smtpd drop in replacement for the
> standard qmail-smtpd, which adds a significant number of spam control
> possibilities.  Actually, spam traffic on my server, dropped to about
> half after the installation.  Nonetheless, after installing, qmailadmin
> created aliases dont work (I can create, modify and delete, but....)
> messages sent to an alias result in a "User does not exist" error and
> the message is bounced back.  The same problem exists with ezmlm lists. 
> I can create, modify, etc via qmailadmin, but messages sent to the lists
> get bounced back with the same "User does not exist" error.
> Any ideas?

I've not tried magicmail, but you might like to try qpsmtpd - another
drop-in replacement for qmail-smtpd. I saw similar spam reduction since
installing it. Actually, more like a 90% reduction since activating my
check_validrcptto_cdb plugin [1].

As it's written in perl, with a documented plugin architecture, it's
very easy to extend and customise.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because it's written in perl
it's slow - it isn't. Plus, because it can reject so much spam at the
"front door", overall system load is dramatically reduced.

I had one client who was running vanilla qmail and seeing load averages
of up to 30 (!). Since installing qpsmtpd (and my plugin) the system
tickles along at a load average of 0.5.



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