Sorry to take so long to put in my comments on this thread...

tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

Anyway, I'm planning to add an option excluding any acceptance for "default" user (I'm thinking this since two years, but I've forgot to do until now) . This has nothing to do with the bounce string.

Well, I don't think it should be an option. Vpopmail requires the file .qmail-default to exist, and uses it for its own purposes. You can't have a 'default' user or alias on a vpopmail system.

I considered changing the operation of valias_select to ignore the .qmail_default file, but found that vpopmail (and very likely qmailadmin) already use it to retrieve data from .qmail_default.

I suggest chkuser should always ignore the .qmail_default file.

I don't see any reason to check for the content of alias, looking for a "bouncing" string. Apart .qmail-default, I don't see a reason why a .qmail-ALIAS should contain a bouncing string.

I'm not quite sure I understand how this follows along with the next sentence. One thought... If a .qmail file contains a bouncesaying command then you need to accept that message and let the bounce get sent. If the administrator doesn't want to send bounces they shouldn't be using bouncesaying.

Instead, we should find a standard notation to identify a "custom reject string" for a single user. Something that can be put inside .qmail-ALIAS
> or inside user's .qmail-default. If such a notation is identified,
> rcpt is rejected with this message.

Remember valias_select, which chkuser uses to see if there is an alias returns the first database entry, or the first line of the .qmail-ALIAS file. There is very little extra cost to using a comment in the database or .qmail-ALIAS file. For example:

.qmail-closed-account might contain:

# chkuser reject 550 go away spammer!

Qmail / vdelivermail will simply ignore the comment. Chkuser, can read the first line of the alias and take action based on its contents. I suggest you first look for the string 'chkuser'. If that is found the rest of the line is a command for chkuser. If the first word after the comment marker is not chkuser then the mail is accepted by the alias.

You are welcome to read the entire alias if the first line indicates a need. It must be valid if executed by qmail or vdelivermail, so every line you use may need to be a qmail comment.

Stephane Bouvard (ML) wrote:

Anyway, for me, if a .qmail-xyz specify "bounce-no-mailbox" for any
> reason, i do not see why chkuser should accept the mail and let qmail
> bounce it as it's easy to avoid...  it's an opengate for spammers.

I strongly disagree. If the system administrator puts bouncesaying in a .qmail file you must assume they want to send a bounce message.


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