> Hello,
> I have a question regarding vpopmail upgrades.  The UPGRADE
> documentation states:
> When recompiling vpopmail, you need to recompile all binaries that link
> into the vpopmail libraries.  These include QmailAdmin, qmail-smtpd (if
> you have the chkuser patch applied), Courier-IMAP etc.
> I have a test machine that I upgraded to vpopmail 5.4.23.  I
> recompiled/reinstalled qmailadmin and vqadmin.  I didn't recompile
> courier-imap nor did I recompile qmail-smtpd.
> I was able to telnet and successfully login to ports 25, 110, 143.  So,
> is it necessary to recompile qmail-smtpd and Courier?  I didn't
> recompile qmail-smtp because I'm not using the chkuser patch - I am
> using john simpsons combined patch 1.7.01.  Would I still need to
> recompile?
I don't believe John's patch links agains vpopmail, so you don't need to
recompile qmail unless I'm incorrect.  You do need to recompile Courier
(Courier-IMAP v3.x or lower, Courier-Authlib if you're using Courier-IMAP
4.x).  The reason for this is because vpopmail only uses a static library,
and thus any changes in vpopmail won't be applied without a recompile.  It
may work just fine depending on the changes, but you can also see wierd
happenings down the line if you aren't consistent.

The bottom line is, if you upgrade Vpopmail, you should re-bould anything
that links against it Just In Case(tm) :)

On a related note, any chance of making vpopmail a shared library?  IIRC
someone floated a patch around a while back to do just that, but I'd
rather see it in the mainline since it does impact those things that link
against it...


Joshua Megerman
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