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Actually, as I was falling asleep last night (isn't that always the
case), I wondered why chkuser.c sets maxmbxquota_limit = 0 and not 100
by default.   It would seem to me if you're enabling the define, you
would already expect that function to just work, not go to another place and enable something else. Having the environment variable is great, then if you want to alter the default, you can set it there...

Just my .02.



I believe that Tonino has set this for the tcp.smtp otherwise you need
to recompile qmail everytime you need to change the setting for the quota.

Just my 2 cents.

Right - that makes sense, but as it is now when it's enabled, it's not REALLY enabled until the environment is set. The environment is required, it's not an option. This is because in the chkuser.c the limit is set to 0, which disables the check. If, by default, the limit was set to 100, then it would be enabled by the define AND you can change the limit in environment or disable it by setting the environment to 0. To me the environment variables should override the 'standard' - and if you've enabled 'smtp bouncing', you shouldn't have to add the environment as well (imho, enabling it twice).
Rick, the standard I'm following in chkuser, whenever possible, is the following: each time a variable is needed/used, it must be defined, otherwise the feature is disabled. You see this for each variable you can use: enabling variable, bad rcpt limit variable, quota variable, etc. This is a double security against unwanted features, very useful for new features within new releases.



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