Quey wrote:
Rick Romero wrote:
I went looking into this thinking chkuser would be a perfect place for the basic quota check.

Of course that would be sort of vpopmail specific, but lo and behold, it's already in there.
'chkuser.c' v.2.0.8
if (vmaildir_readquota(tmp_path.s,format_maildirquota \
    (user_passwd->pw_shell)) \
        >= maxmbxquota_limit) {

It's not as encompassing as Tom was envisioning, but it does do what the parent is looking for..


I thought this used to work back in the days when we used CDB, but does it still work today (using SQL at least?) on my production it still generates a new bounce, as it does on my test server...

Connected to fox.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 fox ESMTP
mail from: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
250 ok
250 ok
354 go ahead
250 ok 1197328261 qp 12808

........and yes david is well over quota :)

Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: delivery 65: failure: user_is_over_quota//
Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: status: local 0/200 remote 0/200
Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: bounce msg 131246 qp 12818

Chkusr accepts it like any other "user found" message...
Antonio ???? perhaps I missed a config option to force this? (or has it been so long since i needed to install it, it never actually did it and I'm remembering wrong?

no matter, I found what I did wrong, I ommited the variable in tcp.smtp file :)
it now works as stated.

But I agree it would be nice to do by default without adding into that file if it is defined.


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