Quey wrote:
Rick Romero wrote:
I went looking into this thinking chkuser would be a perfect place
for the basic quota check.

Of course that would be sort of vpopmail specific, but lo and behold,
it's already in there.
'chkuser.c' v.2.0.8
if (vmaildir_readquota(tmp_path.s,format_maildirquota \
    (user_passwd->pw_shell)) \
        >= maxmbxquota_limit) {
                                                retstat =

It's not as encompassing as Tom was envisioning, but it does do what
the parent is looking for..


I thought this used to work back in the days when we used CDB, but
does it still work today (using SQL at least?)
on my production it still generates a new bounce, as it does on my
test server...

Connected to fox.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 fox ESMTP
mail from: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
250 ok
250 ok
354 go ahead
250 ok 1197328261 qp 12808

........and yes david is well over quota :)

Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: delivery 65: failure:
Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: status: local 0/200 remote 0/200
Dec 11 09:11:06 fox qmail-send: bounce msg 131246 qp 12818

Chkusr accepts it like any other "user found" message...
Antonio ????  perhaps I missed a config option to force this?  (or has
it been so long since i needed to install it, it never actually did it
and I'm remembering wrong?
no matter,  I found what I did wrong, I ommited the variable in tcp.smtp
file :)
 it now works as stated.

But I agree it would be nice to do by default without adding into that
file if it is defined.
Actually, as I was falling asleep last night (isn't that always the case), I wondered why chkuser.c sets maxmbxquota_limit = 0 and not 100 by default. It would seem to me if you're enabling the define, you would already expect that function to just work, not go to another place and enable something else. Having the environment variable is great, then if you want to alter the default, you can set it there...

Just my .02.




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