The patch simply alters Dovecot to set the TCPLOCALPORT environment variable 
which vpopmail uses to identify if a password auth is coming from IMAP, POP3, 
or Webmail (basically imap on  That's all it does.  I needed to 
have the ability to lock down users to say using imap only or pop3 only and 
while it Courier does this by default, Dovecot simply doesn't and vpopmail 
thinks everything is coming in via pop3, if I'm remembering correctly, without 
it.  It is not required, just thought I'd throw it out there in case somebody 
else needed it.

Ed McLain

From: Christopher Chan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 03:14:04 -0600
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Conversation: [vchkpw] [OT] IMAP Servers: Dovecot or Binc?
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] [OT] IMAP Servers: Dovecot or Binc?

Ed McLain wrote:
> The answer is a bit of yes and no.  The code is there but Dovecot doesn't by 
> default set the TCPLOCALPORT setting which is what allows vpopmail to limit 
> users to webmail, pop3, or imap access.  I've written a patch to add that and 
> it is attached to this email.  As an FYI, my configure string for Dovecot 
> with vpopmail is as follows and the CFLAGS pass to configure is required to 
> enable roaming users support:
> cd /dovecot/build/path/
> patch -p1 < dovecot-vpopmail.patch
> ./configure --with-pop3d --with-vpopmail --prefix=/opt/dovecot 
> --with-ssl=openssl --without-passwd --without-passwd-file --without-shadow 
> --without-static-userdb CFLAGS="-DHAVE_VPOPMAIL_OPEN_SMTP_RELAY"

What is that vpopmail patch? dovecot already supports vpopmail since
0.99 which is what comes with RHEL4/Centos4.


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