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I had a disk failure on my local server recently and had to rebuild from scratch (only data backups, not full system). I used Shupp's toaster to install qmail/vpopmail. I think my problem may be with qmail, but I'm trying here first.

Messages arrive (via smtp) fine and get inserted into the queue. If the address is a mailbox then all is fine and message is delivered locally. But if the address is a forward (&[EMAIL PROTECTED] line in .qmail file) then I get errors like the following:

2008-01-05 19:30:03.317667500 starting delivery 19: msg 635441 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2008-01-05 19:30:03.331851500 delivery 19: deferral: 

I've done lots of googling and can't find a cause for that error with solutions (that apply in my case). I've checked permissions, done a 'queue-fix' and everything else I can think of.

I'm not sure where to look next. Advice and suggestions would be appreciated.


   Charlie Garrison  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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