I remember I had an issue with a certain version of vpopmail using
forwards. I dont remember now if the format which caused the problem was


All I remember is that one worked and the other caused an error of some
sort. It may have been the same error your getting but I dont recall for


On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 23:46 +1100, Charlie Garrison wrote:
> Good evening,
> On 5/1/08 at 8:55 PM +0900, Shane Chrisp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >It still sounds like a permissions error to me. Did you follow the
> >toaster exactly or did you deviate from it at all? Maybe you could add
> >recordio to the logging and see more details in the logs as to where it
> >is failing or run a strace?
> I installed on OS X (Leopard) so I had to deviate a bit to get 
> things to compile. And vpopmail couldn't go in /home due to 
> something about that being a network automount path (I didn't 
> explore that; just changed to /usr/local instead). And I didn't 
> install everything, eg. no imap. Otherwise I followed the 
> toaster as closely as I could.
> Where do you suggest I add recordio? I've confirmed it's not an 
> issue with smtp; the following command generates an error (admin 
> is a forwarding address):
> $ echo to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject
> $ more .qmail-admin
>  From /var/log/qmail/send/current:
> 2008-01-05 21:58:01.211526500 delivery 32: deferral: 
> Unable_to_forward_message:_unable_to_exec_qq_(#4.3.0)./
> While this command works fine (charlie is a mailbox):
> $ echo to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject
> Also, I don't have strace available. I do have dtrace but I'm 
> not sure how to use it (rather never used it before) and don't 
> know how to find which process to watch. From the testing I've 
> done, I believe qmail-local is generating the error, and I'm not 
> sure how to find and watch that process since it's so transient.
> I'd be very happy for it to be a permissions problem, but after 
> *many* hours of comparing to other working vpopmail installs, I 
> can't see what is different.
> Thanks,
> Charlie


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