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I had a disk failure on my local server recently and had to rebuild from scratch (only data backups, not full system). I used Shupp's toaster to install qmail/vpopmail. I think my problem may be with qmail, but I'm trying here first.

Messages arrive (via smtp) fine and get inserted into the queue. If the address is a mailbox then all is fine and message is delivered locally. But if the address is a forward (&[EMAIL PROTECTED] line in .qmail file) then I get errors like the following:

2008-01-05 19:30:03.317667500 starting delivery 19: msg 635441 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2008-01-05 19:30:03.331851500 delivery 19: deferral: 

I've done lots of googling and can't find a cause for that error with solutions (that apply in my case). I've checked permissions, done a 'queue-fix' and everything else I can think of.

Google finally showed me threads from other users with the same problem. As suspected the problem was a result of upgrading to OS X Leopard (10.5). From what I can tell from the threads (below) is that doing a vfork/execve combined with relative path (& chdir) and SUID binaries doesn't work as expected in Leopard. That combination prevented qmail-queue from being found (relative path) in some circumstances. (It's the "some circumstances" that has me baffled.)

Anyway, the solution is to either switch from vfork to fork, or make sure qmail-queue is called with absolute path. I chose to specify absolute path since the man pages for vfork/fork indicate a shared memory benefit with vfork.

I had to update qmail.c from netqmail and idx.h from ezmlm.

I read the following threads to reach these conclusions:


Hopefully this will save others from fighting with this for weeks (months) the way I did.


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