Dear all,

I have a question. We have a mailserver that only accepts incoming SMTP 
from our anti-spam appliances. So far so good, this is done at the tcpserver 
level. So
default is :deny.

Our clients, however also need SMTP functionality so we've set up the same 
with SMTP Authentication, however that wont work, since by default all 
other than those from the Barracuda are blocked. We experimented with pop before
smtp, but those results are not satisfactory either.

The reason we block by default is that sooner or later spammers connect to the
server directly rendering the anti-spam appliances completely useless. (or at 
very least ineffective)

An option for us to setup a different server that only handles smtp 
functionality for
our client, however the problem then is that a domain needs to exist on two 
one for the popbox and one for smtp authentication to work. Or is it possible 
the vpopmail to connect to the database on the other mailserver for 
or would that be too slow? Does anybody have any other suggestions perhaps?


- Wouter van der Schagt


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