Thank you for your suggestions. I have implemented it in the same way you have
seems to work now :)

Thanks again and have a nice weekend.

- Wouter

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Tonix (Antonio Nati) ha scritto:

I guess you use vpopmail.
Sorry for the stupid deduction, I confused this mailing list with the general qmail mailing list :-).

If you use chkuser patch (on for qmail/vpopmail), or Shupp's toaster which includes chkuser, you can force a server to accept only authenticated sessions. So, you can set up a dedicated port (like the submission port) or a dedicated IP only for this purpose.

See http://www.interazioni.it/opensource/chkuser/ for more details.


Wouter van der Schagt ha scritto:
My apologies, you already mentioned it.. by firewall restriction.

Another question.. spammers could still connect if they knew they were supposed to connect to port 587 am i correct? Or did you find a way around this as well?

- Wouter

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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
An option for us to setup a different server that only handles smtp functionality for our client, however the problem then is that a
domain needs to exist on two servers. one for the popbox and one for
smtp authentication to work. Or is it possible for the vpopmail to
connect to the database on the other mailserver for authentication or
would that be too slow? Does anybody have any other suggestions

Hi Wouter

I ran into this same problem. I got around it by creating a SMTP
submission port that accepts SMTP Auth emails into the server on port 587. Port 25 only accepts messages from our spam appliance by firewall restriction.

Each mail client has to be set to use port 587 and SMTP Auth of course.
Alastair Battrick

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