Vpopmail does not "rebuild" either rcpthosts or morercpthosts from its own
database.  It simply add and removes lines as necessary.  So, any changes
that you make to either should stick.

I patched vpopmail.c so that it would never add to rcpthosts and therefore
only add to morercpthosts.  I did this because I want to maintain a
one-to-one relationship between rcpthosts and locals and a one-to-one
relationship between morercpthosts and virtualdomains.  There really isn't a
functional difference.  It is just a personal preference.

The patch only changes the line that evaluates the number of lines in the
rcpthosts file.  So, vpopmail can potentially still remove lines from
rcpthosts if it sees fit to do so.

--- vpopmail.orig/vpopmail.c    2007-10-31 07:55:39.000000000 +0000
+++ vpopmail.patched/vpopmail.c 2008-04-15 19:36:44.000000000 +0000
@@ -1026,7 +1026,7 @@
   /* If we have more than 50 domains in rcpthosts
    * make a morercpthosts and compile it
-  if ( count_rcpthosts() >= 50 ) {
+  if ( count_rcpthosts() >= 0 ) {
     snprintf(tmpstr1, sizeof(tmpstr1), "%s/control/morercpthosts",
     if (update_file(tmpstr1, alias_domain, 2) !=0) {
       fprintf (stderr, "Failed while attempting to update_file() the
morercpthosts file\n");

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Hi all, it's me again, i've another question.

Can i update the rcpthosts file manually without running the risk that 
vpopmail will
update and overwrite it when some changes are made by other users? Or can i
include my manual changes in some kind of include file?

- Wouter 


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