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On 15/04/08 15:33:39, Quey wrote:
On 15/04/08 15:23:23, D. Hilbig wrote:

It would be nice if the learn-password feature was moved into
vpopmail so
that Courier-Authlib could support the learning.

I don't really know why people are so keen on Dovecot.  Is it
because it is
part of RH now?  I'm sticking with Courier-IMAP because Dovecot
isn't mature

isn't mature? what rock you been living under :)

and RH? Haven't used a RH OS on a server in many years... slackware and Solaris here.

Dovecot is preffered because it is very fast and efficient and nowhere near the resource hog that courier is and always has been, and I dont need 2 programs for one (pop3 and an auth (ahh make that 3 when you include imap)) that are completely separate programs but to use pop3/imap you need the other (nor do we have to rebuild dovecot everytime we update vpopmail), for performance increase it would be in the vicinity of about 10 fold, of course if you have a pop/imap server doing S.F.A traffic you might not notice it, but have one with hundreds or thousands of concurrent users and you'll clearly see the difference, if we stayed on courier, we would have at least 2 more pop3 servers and at least one more webmail server just to handle the load, and what we have now teh servers still sit there saying to us
"bring it on".


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