Just for future reference for others.

I modified vmoduser.c. Basically you change the |= to ^=, of course this
is not the desired behaviour, but perhaps it can help others. Ideally
there are seperate flags (perhaps capitalized) that will turn the respective
flags on and off. If i've time i will look into this.

Line 84 and Line 110 was:
if ( GidFlag != 0 ) mypw->pw_gid |= GidFlag;
Change to:
if ( GidFlag != 0 ) mypw->pw_gid ^= GidFlag;

the flags now flip. it will set if unset and unset if set.

- Wouter

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On Apr 17, 2008, at 10:39 AM, Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
Hi all, i have a question.

I know with moduser -p domain.com i can disable pop access.
And i know with -x i can clear all bits and enable it again. However
i dont want to clear all bits.. i just want to flip the -p bit. Any

- Wouter

Unfortunately, no easy way. Some time ago, the developers had discussed different options (using + and - before each flag to set and clear), but nothing ever came of it. Having checkboxes in QmailAdmin would be a nice way to handle it as well, if someone had some time to add it.



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