Thank you for your reply,

Actually i dont want domain quota's to work... its just that now if all
popboxes combined hit 50MB, users get messages. I dont want
that. I just want to use popbox quota's only, which are now set to
25 MB, but i dont want them influenced also by a domain wide
quota somehow. My relevant confiration options were:

--enable-domain-quotas=n    (but i saw that this was commented
out in the source, so this wont have much effect anyway)


In the vlimits.default file everything that might be relavant is
commented out.

Domains were created without specifying -q NOQUOTA, perhaps
my error lies in there.

- Wouter

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Wouter van der Schagt schrieb:
Hi all,

Is it possible to disable domain-wide quotas (sum of all popboxes) and
just to use popbox quotas ? At the moment i have both. Or do i have
to set the domain to NOQUOTA and then configure the popbox
individually to have a quota?

- Wouter van der Schagt

Domain quotas don't work anyway.
AFAIK, you need OS quotas to get that to work.
But that slows things down.
Ideally, you would have a database of domains and quotas where a provisioning system deducts the amounts of diskspace that are given to individual users. Once the domain-quota is used up, it would not allow adding any more quota to any user in that domain.

AFAIK, most control-panels with qmail underneath use this way, more or less.



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