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Thank you for your reply, Trey Nolen.

I was not so lucky with the backup part :)

I confirm, the first file deleted was vpasswd, so the users cannot

Maybe someone could provide more help about this.

That makes sense, if yo delete a domain, you immediately want it

how about moving to MySQL, this way you can do hourly dumps of the database, and daily on maildirs - it doesnt help your curent situation, but there is nothing you can do now but move forward and take measures to prevent it from happening again.

Using MySQL is trivial, more efficent, in fact very efficient if you have alot of users and are currently adding/deleting email accounts

Thank you.

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I did something similar a while back. I had one main domain
and another one that was aliased to it. I ran vdeldomain on the
alias and
noticed that the command was taking a few seconds.  I stopped the
but it had trashed a bunch of accounts.   I can tell you that it
definitely did NOT delete things in alphabetical order.  It seemed
delete them in the order they were created. It started with accounts
in the top
level directory and then proceeded into the folders below (0, 1,
One of the first casualties was the vpasswd file so noone could
authenticate.  You may be using a different authentication method,
so this
may not be the case with you.   Fortunately, I had a good, recent
backup that saved me...I hope you do too.
Trey Nolen

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I've got a big problem, please help. I've
        runned vdeldomain on a mailserver (unfortunate act), but
I've canceled
        the command fast.

The luck is that only the first user that
        started with "A" had no emails.  But, in the last time
        another user claimed he has a few mails in minus

My question is:
        HOW vdeldomain acts? How it performs this mail removal? Is
it in a
        alphabetical order? In a time order? Or how?

Thank you very much
        and please provide some help because i'm



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