On 25/07/08 23:10:14, Root Kit wrote:
Thank you for your reply, Trey Nolen.

I was not so lucky with the backup part :)

This is also a high priority for you to sort out, write your backup scripts in perl, so they can mail you if it has problems, I do this with all backups, it means manually checking them once a month or so, rather than day or two.

I do a rolling 7 day backup of vpopmail dirs with rsync, but I do a 168 hour rolling mysqldump backup, so I can go back to any hour within the past 7 days.

But your immediate next action is to learn and use "onchange" , this is perhaps the single biggest thing that could have saved you, because you can have it tar up and dump the database entries for that domain and whatever upon a domain deletion command, so in your case, all you need do is vadddomain again, restore the tar file, and re import the database dump for that that domain, again, it does not help you now, but it wil save your butt if it happens again.


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