I personally don't require it. It also seems to me with disk space costing what it does, and compression being readily available (via plugins, ZFS, or what have you) it shouldn't really be an issue.

Are there any applications that display the actual quota amount that do NOT round to the megabyte? It seems to me that most show percentage used, and round to the megabyte if they do display the actual number - maybe that's where the problem will lie.. Applications that convert the actual quota from bytes to megabytes will break.


Matt Brookings wrote:
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Some of you may be aware I'm working on changes and additions to the quota 
system in vpopmail.
Part of the aim of the updated system is to provide future-proofing against the 
problems we're
having now, where quota sizes and usage counts are overflowing in various 
circumstances, either
in vpopmail, or in applications utilizing vpopmail.

My question is this; would anyone ever require a quota below a megabyte, or, 
would any application
ever really need to know about specific usage counts below a megabyte?

When calculating usage, I'm thinking about making the smallest measure of unit 
a megabyte storing
the result in a 64bit unsigned integer.  The 64bit value is almost a 
requirement, but making the smallest
unit of measure a megabyte, should future-proof for quite a bit longer.
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