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Itamar Reis Peixoto wrote:
> at current state of vpopmail if we need vpopmail with mysql support,
> then I need to compile vpopmail and link with mysql librarys
> if we need vpopmail with pgsql support then I need to recompile
> everthing with pgsql support.

Right.  That's the idea.  People don't change their authentication mechanism
daily, weekly, or even yearly.  They generally pick one and stick with it
unless a larger change happens, like scaling up to a clustered environment
which generally requires a networked database.

Besides, even if people did change their backend database on a more
frequent basis, it takes around 5 seconds to recompile vpopmail.  About
the same time it would take to edit a configuration file to make it
load a different authentication module.

> with loadable module support only some parts of the code will be
> linked with mysql, pgsql, oracle etc..

Please explain why you would need different parts of vpopmail talking
to different databases.
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