ckubu wrote:

I'm running qmail+vpopmail+dovecot on FreeBSD stable system and all worked fine, almost all. I'm not able to bring non-plaintext authentication methods working on qmails pop3 service (APOP), and on dovecots imap service (CRAM-MD5).

Maybe this is an OS issue and this question isn't on he right place here, in this case sorry about that.

my versions:
(net)qmail with tls-smtp-auth patch
vpopmail 5.4.27
dovecot 1.1.14

i have tried older versions of vpopmail and dovecot, but with the same result: non-plaintext authentication methods doesn't work.

what did i wrong ? can aybody help me ?


The only reason I can think of that CRAM-MD5 doesn't work with pop or imap is that clear text passwords are disabled.

To use CRAM-MD5, you need a clear text password stored locally.

Did you perhaps compile vpopmail with the --disable-clear-passwd flag ?




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