I think the "learn passwords" configuration option combined with the clear text 
passwords, would do exactly what you need. The learn password option works with 
qmails pop3 (please correct me if I'm wrong)...though I'm unsure about dovecot. 
It's been a long time since I've used that option.



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>> [..] I'm not able to bring non-plaintext 
>> authentication methods working on qmails pop3 service (APOP), and on
>> dovecots imap service (CRAM-MD5).
> The only reason I can think of that CRAM-MD5 doesn't work with pop or
> imap is that clear text passwords are disabled.
> To use CRAM-MD5, you need a clear text password stored locally.
> Did you perhaps compile vpopmail with the --disable-clear-passwd flag ?

yes, i did. i tried it without this flag and it was easy to point out that you 
are in right. thank you. 

so i think there is no possibility to bring non-plaintext authetication 
methods working afterwards, i mean for existing mailboxes, isn't it ?

regards christoph


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