Hi all,

Below are some issues I encountered when configuring / making vpopmail 
5.4.28-devel. Most (if not all) are minor issues:

--- 1 ---

When using vpopmail 5.4.28-devel. I'm getting the following error message:

"configure: error: Unable to find your MySQL inc dir, specify --enable-incdir."

This message appeared when the development files for MySQL were not installed, 
but the directory existed. Installing the necessary files worked, but perhaps 
the message could be a little different because the option 'was' specified. 
Anyway, this is only a minor issue.

--- 2 ---

The status at the end of the configure, shows 5.4.27, even though it is 5.4.28, 
again - minor.

--- 3 ---

In 5.5 I noticed that the tcp.smtp file was moved to 
/home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp instead of /etc/tcp.smtp. Is this the new default 
behavior in 5.4.28 as well? This would probably mean that people will have to 
update their existing /var/qmail/bin/qmailctl file for the cdb command to 
reload the rules?

--- 4 ---

The previously reported error message: "Warning: Failed while attempting to 
delete domain from auth backend" also appears in 5.4.28 when adding and 
immediately deleting a domain. I believe the cause is also the same as in the 
5.4.25 and 5.5 branch. If I remember correctly a strace revealed a failing SQL 
query on a non existing table. I can look it up if necessary, just let me know.


What is the default behavior of the newly implemented domain quota's in 5.4.28? 
is it on or off by default, and if on, how can it be controlled?

Last question: Is there any major change that could break an existing 5.4.25 
installation? I'm considering to upgrade a production server to 5.4.28 status 
in order to test the usage daemon, the 2 GB per mailbox fix and possibly the 
domain quotas.

- Wouter van der Schagt


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